Q: This is my first time at a church, what should I expect at Radiance?

A: You can expect warm, friendly people, live contemporary music, and inspiring teaching that is applicable to your everyday life.

Q: Is there a dress code at Radiance?

A: Not at all! Just wear what is most comfortable for you.  

Q: Should I bring anything?

A: A Bible, if you have one. If not, that’s ok; we have the day’s scripture on PowerPoint.

Q: What time should I get there?

A: Service starts at 11:00 am, but you can come a little earlier for some coffee and snacks.  

Q: How long is your Sunday service?

A: Our service consists of worship and a message and usually runs for 90 minutes If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us through email. For general inquiries you can email radiancechurchperthamboy@gmail.com. For more specific questions, please visit the “Contact Us” part of this section to see where you can best direct your inquiries.